Anti Outside Assistance FAQ


This is an initial stub that will be updated over time.

Common Objections

  1. If everyone does it why shouldn’t I?

    Most people aren’t and by doing it you make it more likely that others will.

  2. But what about the streamers?

    Most streamers are cheating. They can never admit this and will forever repeat the party line (which isn’t even necessarily wrong) of streaming being a net negative for their performance.

  3. Have you considered that I don’t care about the event being played?

    You don’t get to make that call. Other people in the event do care.

  4. What if my motivation is spending time with friends?

    This is a Fabricated Option.

  5. Aren’t I giving up free equity by not doing it?

    We are playing a game the entire point of which is a simplified and mutually agreed upon rule set. Clearly equity is not the only relevant metric.